1. Strictly implement the service archive management system, track and communicate in a timely manner; 2. Strictly fulfill all requirements stipulated in the contract to ensure the supply period;

  2. 3. Free debugging training, providing safety and technical training for operators;

  3. 4. Promptly solve problems, implement 24-hour service, receive user visits and calls, and do not rest during holidays;

  4. 5. Annual inventory of various specifications of valves, instruments, bends, screws, nuts, and various tools, etc;

  5. 6. Take immediate action upon receiving maintenance information and have local maintenance personnel arrive at the site within 2 hours; In case of special circumstances, maintenance personnel from the company headquarters shall arrive at the site within 24 hours;

  6. 7. Quality assurance period: The warranty period is 18 months after the delivery of the equipment or 12 months after the equipment is put into operation, whichever comes first.

  7. 8. Defect warranty: If the defects occur repeatedly after the unit equipment is delivered for use, we will submit an analysis report and a solution until the defects are finally corrected. The warranty provided will be recalculated from the date of correction. If the replacement or correction is caused by negligence, misoperation, or other circumstances beyond our scope of responsibility, we shall carry out the repair, and the additional costs shall be borne by both parties through negotiation. During the warranty period and during the normal operation of the equipment, we will conduct regular on-site inspections to promptly address any potential faults; During the warranty period, any malfunctions that occur will be repaired and replacement parts will be provided free of charge.

  8. 9. After the warranty period, lifelong maintenance shall be carried out on the equipment; After the warranty period, maintenance labor costs will only be charged for travel expenses and labor wages.