Refrigeration solutions for the plastic molding industry

The plastic industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world, affecting almost every aspect of our lives, from food and medicine to entertainment and aerospace. Most plastic parts used in daily life are injection molded. Injection molding is an extremely effective method for producing identical components in large quantities with minimal waste. The injection molding machine heats plastic particles until they melt, and then injects them into the molding mold, where the plastic parts cool down. The cooling process may be very lengthy. More than 80% of the total plastic manufacturing time is used for cooling. Injection molding chillers will greatly reduce cooling time and maintain product quality.

Temperature plays a crucial role throughout the entire process of injection molding. The plastic pellets must be heated to a specific temperature to melt and enter the mold. After actual injection, cooling must start immediately. The longer it takes for the product to cool in the mold, the more time and money will be lost. A successful plastic operation must have cooling efficiency.

The cooling process depends on the size, thickness, and type of plastic used. Using a water-cooled injection mold chiller to cool the mold cavity not only helps to shorten the process time, but also improves the quality of plastics. If not completely cooled, the plastic in the mold will warp and deform when ejected from the mold, causing significant errors.