Extreme quality manufacturing with the same frequency -- Jiangxi Jiujiang Dazheng technology and Huaxiang refrigeration negotiate strategic cooperation


1. Introduction to customer requirements: configuration requirements for high and low temperature boxes


2. Negotiate strategic cooperation with customers:

President Zou (Deputy General Manager) of Huaxiang company, President Jiang and President Wang of Jiangxi Jiujiang Dazheng Technology Co., Ltd. held on-site strategic cooperation talks at the end of February, 23. After two years' recognition of the quality, service, cost performance and cooperation attitude of Huaxiang products, the two sides want to carry out a wide range of strategic cooperation to ensure the improvement of market share, and provide more extensive technology and services for future cooperation, A harmonious atmosphere in which both sides have lunch at a hotel.

3. Product testing site in Party A's workshop:


After reaching an agreement, the two parties analyzed and discussed the test data of the existing Huaxiang chiller products in the production workshop of Party A, and further diversified and optimized some details of the products of both parties. Several Huaxiang air-cooled chillers were tested on site. Party A praised the air inlet and return network settings of the chillers configured by Huaxiang, and refined the external power lines.

4. Test site



The above is the site of Huaxiang chiller and high and low temperature test products.

5. Unity of thought:

The leaders of both parties have reached a high degree of unity of thought. From this year, Party A will only purchase Huaxiang water chillers, and will explain the business. The technology will be selected in accordance with Huaxiang product manual.