Low temperature simulated environment case


Anhui hangrui is a local large aircraft engine manufacturing enterprise. With the improvement of people's living standards, in order to pursue timeliness, the aviation industry is one of the national strategic development directions. At present, the domestic aviation industry has also been relaxed to the manufacturing trend of private enterprises. Therefore, our company is equipped with a low-temperature simulation environment. In 10000 meters of altitude, we need to simulate the temperature, humidity and other requirements. The environment temperature of Huaxiang fresh air is below -50 degrees, The diversified testing of aircraft engines in this environment also eliminates the need to climb to the high snow plain environment and the negative impact caused by the atmosphere, which greatly increases the operating costs of enterprises and consumes manpower, material resources, financial resources, etc., especially the test data is not perfect. After putting our equipment into operation, a lot of costs have been reduced, In addition, the low-temperature air cooling system equipment unit developed by our company can run for 365 consecutive days and test under the condition of extremely low failure rate, which ensures that the stability data of the tested product is certified by many parties. Welcome to call for advice.

Conclusion: Anhui hangrui has given high recognition to the equipment developed by Huaxiang refrigeration!