Introduction to customer requirements: CSCEC new material manufacturer


1. Introduction to customer requirements: CSCEC new material manufacturer

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2. Internal process flow of production workshop:

Yunfu, Guangdong, is a new factory headquartered in Beijing. The new factory is specialized in the production of concrete hardening material type materials. It is a new type of material specially developed for China's infrastructure construction, which can accelerate the process of China's construction. The following is a sample map of the production;


3. Configured refrigeration equipment:

The water-cooled screw refrigeration unit designed by Huaxiang company requires that the outlet water temperature is about 6 ℃ to 10 ℃, and the large insulated water tank is configured for cold storage. Three 300hp water-cooled screws operate in the mode of two for use and one for standby. Party A produces 24 hours a day. At present, this equipment has been running for several years and can maintain stable operation.

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4. Equipment commissioning is approved by Party A

Huaxiang Refrigeration Co., Ltd. and party a signed the commissioning and operation of the water-cooled screw refrigeration unit in July 2023. Party a highly praised our professionalism, service attitude, customer service concept and professionalism.